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Dreamy and Blissful

Rey Tiburcio and Aster Forteza Wedding—July 20, 2017, Kimberly Function hall

Its the best day ever for Rey and Aster for their most-awaited wedding. After 20 years of being in a relationship, the two got hitched on July 20 and celebrated at Kimberly function hall with family and friends.

The couple was able to entertain guests with flair and ease. The motif is dictated of a dreamy fairytail-like that takes place in a secret garden where guests are invited to a royal banquet to celebrate the union of two people deeply inlove. Vintage lamp stands and earthy tones—a lush-foliage of purple and violet water lilies, long-stemmed orchids, and a patch of amarath stands out from the table setting. It features a renaissance style of wedding.

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