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Hellenistic Romance

Food Tasting Event with accredited caterer Kusina ni Kambal Styled by Party Marathon "It's all-Greek to me," I mouthed over these words at the first sight of the entrance where appeared to be standing are two immaculate replicated sculptures of Adonis and Venus de Milo (Aphrodite de Milo). The two legendary icons appeal to the guests' attention to a Greek-class banquet setup. A focal point worked well to produce a compelling story and a theme fit for a wedding feast---Epic and fabricated from the myths.

When its in full-bloom is the perfect time!

The demigods of beauty and romance that just give a fleeting mysticism on another time of chivalrous love stories. If the two could speak for today's notion of "walang forever"? Can they stare back to agree with the crowd or would they give a face palm to the absurdity? lol

The charm of these native placemats!

Here at the Grand Cobo Events place we magnify the details for the perfection of your event.

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