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Rose and Lily of the valley

She wore her best outfit for the night that was her gentle smile.

She kept a quiet confidence about her age, when she was called to sway to the rhythm of the music. Delightfully, immersing in her childlike radiance that emanated the ballroom. She was always born ready.

Meeting her for the first time. She gracefully walked down the stairs towards the crowd but her gaze was focused to the ones who have captured her heart, her husband and son. Flashbacks of her life shows a kind of beauty that was kind, honest, fragile, and that grows each passing time. A love that’s relentless of being a dotting mother, sister, daughter, and wife.

A night to remember at a venue like no other. Surrender your feet to the dancefloor and to the sweeter song, the rest will just smoothly follow.

Harbor of romance from your all-time favorite films.

Reggie's husband shared that back in college, he was marveling across the sky looking for three stars as confirmation if his girlfriend Reggie is "the one" that he will marry. He saw gleaming not only three stars but seven, and took it as as a sure-sign. It has been 28 years, happily-married and passionate with one another.

Reggie shared that night that she did not experience having her debut at 18 like other girls, but “age is merely nothing” compared to the joy found for today.

Her friends and family rejoice in dancing and singing with her on this special day and in good cheer to the victory of this favored life. Thank you Ms. Reggie for choosing the Grand COBO as your venue, we are glad to share your birthday with you!

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