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A Sweeter Song

Angel’s 18th birthday at Kimberly function hall,September 9, 2017

A 'sweeter song' revived to past mundane days as the stunning debutant, Angel, performed songs thru her angelic voice refreshing her invited guests and loved ones who joined her on a special day.

Turning 18 is an age all girls look forward to—it's the age of growing to maturity and blossoming in a new life.

A magical fairy-tale come true.

A castle backdrop fit for a princess that tells a story. A princess gets out from her chamber to go on a new adventure and puts her crown to show what it means to be brave in the pursuit of noble wonders.

Grace under pressure---the preparation looks effortless with our accredited caterer, Shekinah dishes, everything looks polished at the Grand COBO.

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