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The Grand Opening: The Best is Yet to Come

We, Filipinos are known for our fondness for festivities, gatherings, and celebrations. It’s just part of who we are—close family-ties, love for food, joyful spirit, and good company. For years the COBO Pavillion had provided a private venue and services for Filipino families to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime celebrations. Because of its success it had opened an opportunity to establish a new and larger events place called The Grand COBO, a wide function hall that exudes pristine and opulence through its modern interiors that puts events to a whole new level.

The grand opening happened on June 24, 2017 where they had seven of the finest caterers in town to showcase their own unique and creative banquet set-up that will stoke you—sharing what ‘they can bring to the table.’

Entice guests with a fancy, classic, and romantic setting—a bush of red flowers that are a given, velvety-fuchsia pink linens, and some vintage lightstands that sets up the mood will make you poetically say Mi Amore! Let the champagne glass start clinking to have the bride and groom kiss!

Preppy and bursting of pastel colors with dainty floral centerpieces that is just picture-perfect for celebrating your 18th birthday debuts and even bridal showers. This just captures a feminine-side—youthful, sweet, and pure.

Pull-off that edgy and classy look at a 3,800-square-meter function hall and through our accredited catering services—M Catering, Shekinah Dishes, Kusina ni Kambal, Hizon’s, Josiah’s, The Royal, and Narcissus.

With the promising venue and services to attain Grand COBO's vision, we anticipate the best that is yet to come for everyone.

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