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Picture-perfect for your Sweet18 party

Turning 18 is not just about a rite to passage or coming of age, it is looking ahead of a new journey to life and being grateful for the past years that you should freely express with joy and beauty. A time to capture and celebrate the positives that makes you real and loved. Here is a to-do list to get the best results of your pre-debut pictorial.

1. Choose your motif and theme for the photoshoot. Pre-debut photos usually give hints of the party theme that reflects your personality and style. Concepts can be inspired by a passion, interest, or dream to be more personalized and unique.

A time to be pensive. Bianca shares her dream of becoming a lawyer one day. #Biancaconquers@18

2. Find your happy place. Pick a venue that would complement your theme. A venue that would give you cool spaces to shoot in different angles and get more creative shots.

Confidently beautiful inside-out. Sassy Levi projects to the camera looking stunning in red dress at sunset. Photo by Photowoop

3. Coordinate with your photographer to schedule the availability of date and time of your designated photoshoot. Explain to them the concept so that you can give an idea how you want your photos to look like. Photographers can also help direct you to how to work on striking poses and give you advice how you can feature yourself best.

4. Practice posing in front of a mirror. Practicing helps build confidence especially if you're camera shy. It allows you to be more comfortable on photoshoot day. You can prepare songs to play that will help you get into the mood during prenuptial session.

5. The most important thing is to have fun and be you! Aside from killer heels and stunning dress, flaunt the natural smile and joy of the heart, everything else will just follow!

The Grand Cobo Events Place provides modern interiors and comfortable ambiance for the best photoshoot experience at an affordable price. For inquiry contact (02) 775 9250 or email us at

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