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About Us 

The Grand Cobo events place is a 3,800-square-meter-function hall, fully-furnished and well-ventilated that exudes elegance and luxury through its modern interiors in hues of gold and beige concrete walls. For earthy tones, intricate designs in wooden canvases details to the lush-garden façade of the lobby area. It also includes a breathable space, an upstairs overlooking veranda where guests can enjoy a panoramic mountain view of Marikina. It can accommodate up to 500 guests. The area can be divided into two partitions, each partition can accommodate up to 250 guests. Other amenities included are two hotel-like guest rooms and two wide parking areas. 


The Grand Cobo events place is great for special celebrations—weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, corporate milestone celebrations, conferences, Christmas parties, and other events. 


Our priority is to seek the clients’ highest good and comfort by providing hassle-free packages for their celebration which include a sumptuous spread of delicious cuisines, styling the venue according to the theme from one of our accredited catering services, lights and sounds system, and many more.


Our vision is to position our company as one of the prestigious venues in the Metro. 



The Grand Cobo Events Place is the perfect place for weddings, birthday celebrations, and corporate parties,  Our team can assist you in preparation for your special day with packages
specific to your type of event. 

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