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A Luau Voyage for Angela's Sixth

It was a royal treat for Angela who turned six at Kimberly Function hall, The Grand Cobo events place on August 5, 2017. Angela loves Moana, a famous Disney princess that wowed the world with her wit, beauty, and strength in her adventures. Angela decided to have Moana-themed celebration with a whimsical twist. The ballroom turned into a vibrant luau prepped with vibrant yellow and orange balloons hanging on the ceilings and luau flower necklaces for her friends and family. She also had a free face painting activity, fun games, and pre-loved Disney songs were performed by Ariel, Prince Eric, Moana, and Maui that are timeless.

The celebration was hosted by Marry Poppins who warmed up the party with her vibrant energy until the end of a smooth program. The celebrant was fashionably dressed like her favorite Disney’s princess Moana. It was definitely a ‘a celebration worth remembering at The Grand events place for Angela’s birthday party.

Thank you Angela and family for choosing The Grand Cobo events place. Until next time!

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